Golfing And Helping An Incredible Cause…What Could Be Better?

Like most of us, Our friend Jerry Pace had occasional mild back pain. The pain was annoying and disrupting his golf game.

Jerry sought help from local professionals. He improved. He was excited to get golfing again.

hobble creek

Suddenly out of nowhere, Jerry’s leg went numb. Scans and testing identified metastatic cancer. Some of the cancer had crawled up Jerry’s spine and fractured his vertebrae (thus the numb leg). Everyone (including myself) thought Jerry was a ‘goner’. Everyone that is – except Jerry.

Jerry was unable to work. He sold everything he had (including his car) to go to battle against cancer. After months of treatments Jerry began to walk. He never gave up hope.

Recently, I saw Jerry walking slowly down the street with his wife. I stopped. When Jerry saw me , he pushed his walker ahead a few feet and said to me ‘watch this’. Then he took a few unaided steps. Jerry was unstable.

Jerry’s wife quickly rescued the walker. She advised Jerry never to do that again (in no uncertain terms). Jerry laughed and then announced ‘I’m going to start golfing. His faithful wife said ‘that’s what he thinks’. This time I had my money on Jerry.

As I left , Jerry turned to me and said ‘I am so grateful’. Dumbfounded, I questioned ‘grateful for what ?’. Jerry responded ‘Don’t get me wrong, I wish I would of had cancer years ago and I’m not so happy I have it now. But I may of died and missed out on what really matters. Without this disease I may of missed so many relationships’.

Recently Jerry called me and invited me to go golf 9 holes with him. He wasn’t kidding.

Jerry plans to play. How about you ?

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