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More and more employers are offering Alive & Well to their employees.

Now you can choose benefits and growth…

For over 20 years, small businesses have had a hard time offering “healthcare” to employees, but with Alive & Well that has changed!

Employers just like you are getting exactly what they want


Lower Pricing

We offer the highest quality care with NO MIDDLEMEN and LESS OVERHEAD. Then we pass the savings on to you!.


Retention and Recruiting

Employees with on-site healthCARE are more likely to STAY in their current jobs…a benefit that will also help you ATTRACT THE BEST employees.


Healthier Staff

We help your staff MISS LESS WORK due to health concerns and give them access to the care they need over the phone or in person.


Lower MOD Rates

Our providers can do on-site first aid to help control Workers’ Comp Insurance claims.


Providers With Time To Really Care

We don’t have a waiting room full of patients. We take the time to listen and offer the best solutions.

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Serving Your Employees

When your employees are offered the best health benefits, you will create a happier work environment where employees feel valued. It has also been proven that employees with healthCARE are:

More Engaged (more productive on the job)
Healthier (miss less work due to health concerns)
Happier (more likely to stay in their current job)

Primary Care

Our providers can take care of the day-to-day needs of your employees and their
families. We serve as the first contact and principal point of continuing care for patients within the healthcare system and coordinate other specialist care that the patient may need. The 24/7 medical line is all our members need to get primary care issues addressed with a quick call or text.

Ongoing Health

Our membership starts with an initial health and fitness assessment. This helps us get to know each member and how we can help them achieve their health goals and address concerns. The Alive & Well team comes to you and makes the whole experience enjoyable and enlightening. Results of the assessment are confidential, do not affect membership, and are only used by providers to initiate the best care. Our providers can help manage and monitor ongoing health concerns at on-site visits and on the 24/7 medical line.

Urgent Care

Most needs can be handled on the 24/7 medical line…and we do house calls! When illnesses or injuries don’t present as life-threatening, (like stitches, a sick baby, or IV fluids, etc.) but can’t wait until your next on-site visit, our providers can come to you for a small travel fee. If the member and provider agree that a house call is warranted, we will arrange an arrival time and bring the supplies we need. If labs or x-rays are needed first, we can help coordinate that as well.


You don’t need to make an appointment and wait in a waiting room every time you need a refill. Traditional medical clinics need to see you in order to get paid, so you have to keep going in. You will save time and money when you get prescriptions through our medical line. Our providers can diagnose and order prescriptions for nearly 80% of needs with our messaging, photo, and video options. Providers will also assist you in locating the pharmacy near you with the lowest price for your prescription.

On-Site Visits

You can offer the same kind of benefit as Google and Amazon to your smaller business. Imagine your own medical provider at your worksite with black bag in hand taking care of everyday or acute care needs. Studies have found that on-site health care clinics can also lower medical costs for companies, encourage better long-term employee health, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity.

Individualized Care

You are a MEMBER, not a number to us! Our providers actually know you personally. We provide care and treatment, as well as serve as your “guide through the wilderness” of tests, specialists, surgeries and more, whenever necessary. We also support alternative health solutions.

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We chose Alive & Well because we wanted to have better healthCARE, not just better insurance…It’s a decision I would make again without any question.

Brad Harrell

Member, Owner CargoGlide

Better Health Care is What You Deserve

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