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No. Alive & Well is not insurance, that’s why it works so well! Alive & Well is much different from traditional insurance. It is a membership-based healthcare benefit. We take care of the “small and medium sized stuff” while your insurance or health share plan takes care of the “big stuff” such as hospitalization. We liberate our members with “no networks.”

We don’t have a list. If you have a healthcare need or question that is not an emergency (if it can wait 2 hours), just call us first and we will take care of you or guide you to the right treatment. We connect with specialists in every area of medicine when necessary.

NO. We will help refer you to specialists or resources to treat conditions warranting these types of medications.

Yes! We can order prescriptions and guide you with your medical needs away from home. House calls may not be available in all areas.

Alive & Well is a team of local providers who know you, your family and your medical community. Beyond just ordering prescriptions, we can consult with your personal doctor, help you get in to see specialists if needed, research the best prices for your prescriptions and procedures, and of course: HOUSE CALLS.

Yes! Our group plans begin with a health and fitness assessment that helps us get to know our members and indicates issues that may need to be addressed, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, BMI, body fat %, and fitness. We offer lectures, activities and challenges to motivate the whole group.

Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals are available for 4 counseling sessions per membership per year. Also, each membership includes 2 visits with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for ADHD meds or psychiatric medical needs.

Nope! It’s unlimited 24/7 access to our medical line for members. Call or text!

Yes! We can be here for you after hours, on weekends or holidays, or when a phone call would do to take care of your need.

The majority of the time, Alive & Well will help you find the lowest cash-pay cost for necessary prescriptions. We use Good Rx, Blink, and Liberty Rx for low cost medicines—usually resulting in a cost less than most co-pays. Higher cost medicines, such as some insulin for diabetes, can be purchased through community health centers and other organizations which help cover prescription costs. Alive & Well providers are happy to help you locate the best prices! In addition, members who choose our Complete Care have medicine covered one month prior to and one month after an incident. For example, medications needed before, during and after a surgery would be eligible for cost sharing. We also have “Plus” plans that cover higher cost prescriptions after a co-pay.