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“They are the best! I love that I can text or call a doctor and tell them what’s wrong without all the runaround (call my doctor to see if I can get in, go to instacare instead, wait for a doctor that doesn’t know anything about us, get what we need and loose a whole afternoon doing it). I am able to get what we need as quickly as possible. And they do house calls on your time. AMAZING! This is how healthcare should be!! “

     – Tatiana G.

“I have been using Alive and Well personally and for my business for over two years now and counting. JR, Dennis and the other staff are caring, courteous, and genuinely care about the clients they serve. I feel individually important to them, and I’m sure I’ve been able to save money instead of paying for doctor or ER visits. I’ve recommended several other to them who are happy as well. 🙂 Keep it up, couldn’t ask for better personalized health services!“

     – Matthew A.

Best group of professionals EVER!

     – Gary L.

We love Alive and Well. Their response time is impressive and the ability to get quick solutions to medical needs is so valuable as a parent with four young kids. I would recommend their service to anyone!

     – Brian S.

Alive & Well has been a blessing to me and my family. I am so grateful to have a service that is affordable and people that care about my well being and are available to me when I am in need of healthcare.

     – Elyssa G.

Very convenient and doctors really care and take time to solve the problem and listen to your concerns, I highly recommend Alive and Well to any and everyone looking for health care that makes sense.

     – Alan D.

When I was out of town and my child got really, really sick, Alive & Well saved the day! I felt so grateful to not have to go to urgent care. They have saved me so much money! Thank you Alive & Well!

     – Katie V.

Alive and Well as been a great service for our family. It has saved us so much money on health care. The convenience to be able to call a medical professional and get the help we need without having to drag the whole family down to the doctor office is life changing. The Alive and Well team is always friendly and eager to help remedy any health ailment we may be experiencing. I highly recommend anyone take a look at this alternative approach to healthcare. You will love it.

     -Ilija V.

I’ve been a member of Alive and Well for years. JR has saved us from having to take expensive and time consuming trips to the ER by coming right to our home. He’s helped us with numerous prescriptions, stitches, and even a broken ankle. The Drs come by my office every week and check on the staff. They’ve provided care for them and their families as well. I can’t say enough good about Alive and Well’s exceptional team and service.

     -William P.

Great service with a great team!! Don’t hesitate to have them take care of all of your healthcare needs.

     -Travis J.

They’ve been to my house twice to put stitches in one of my kids! They provide the most convenient and quality care of any provider I’ve worked with. I recommend Alive and well to anyone.

     -Travis S.

Awesome! These guys are the best! Friendly, fast and very convenient. I always recommend their service to everyone I know.

     -Nate H.

Absolutely a fantastic service. Excellent staff. Highly recommend them for expertise, kindness, and convenience.

     -Paul H.

They are all so wonderful and helpful. Can’t say enough good things about them.

     -Britani M.