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What Pictures are Hanging on Your Wall?

multiple picture frames

The dinner conversation had begun around our table. My wife and I mentioned to our girls that that their uncles had both bought brand new Porsche sports cars. I felt like crawling under the table as I looked painfully out our front window to see my Ford F-150 with 229,000 miles and a large missing paint spot resting in our driveway. Where had I gone wrong?

My wife announced that she remembered that both of her brothers had pictures of Porsche cars hanging on their bedroom walls since they were very young. My youngest girl turned to me and asked, “What picture did you have hanging on your wall, Dad?” As I was thinking, our two little house dogs, Noodles and Jersey, rubbed up against my leg begging for food.

Then a flashback hit me. I explicitly recalled the picture hanging on my bedroom wall as a boy. It was a picture of two small dogs. The flashback of the picture contained every detail. If I had any artistic ability I would have been able to draw the picture exactly.

I wanted to scream. I realized that the likelihood of my Fairy Godmother appearing to wave her magic wand over Noodles and Jersey to transform them into two brand new Porsche’s was low.

For me, it was thirty years later and a picture had produced two small dogs. For my brothers-in-law, it had produced two brand new Porsche’s.

Earl Nightingale summed up this principle in six words: “You become what you think about.” James Allen explains this phenomenon in his epic book, “As A Man Thinketh.”

What is hanging on your wall?

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