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Your Membership

Welcome to Alive & Well!

Your friend in the healthcare business


At Alive & Well, we advocate for you and all your healthCARE needs. Call or text message us directly and we will take care of you whether you have a question, illness, or injury.


Have a medical need? Call us first!

For situations that are NOT life-threatening, call us first. (See, we told you it’s different than health insurance!) We are here to answer questions, diagnose, order prescriptions, order lab tests and x-rays, and more!

Yep! Skip the waiting room!



Traditional Health Care Vs. Alive & Well

Explained In 19 Seconds:


Have you ever felt like you were forgotten in the waiting room?

Skip the waiting room. We come to you!


Is it really that easy?

About 80% of the time we can resolve your needs over the phone. You can send us photos, video, etc. If we can help you stay home in your comfy bed, we want to! If our medical provider determines that you need to be seen in person, you can choose to pay a travel fee and have a house call.

You Are Unique & So Are Your Medical Needs!

Alive & Well is a convenient and cost-effective plan for most situations. Some concerns, however, such as pre-existing conditions and a few prescriptions, might be better served with a traditional health insurance plan.

We love to think outside the box and use our connections to be your medical advocate. Call us! We would be happy to assess your situation and help you find a solution that is perfect for you!




Complete Care

Services IDEAL for businesses with 5 or more employees and families. Receive all of the diverse and extensive care of Alive & Well Complete. Complete boasts the same relationship-based onsite care, telemedicine and mobile capabilities of Alive & Well with the addition of coverage for larger healthcare needs.