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Do you want better CARE for you, your employees, and your families? Do you want healthCARE that costs much less but is worth every penny? Call us or click the button below to stop losing out.

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Our Services

Primary Care

We take care of your day-to-day needs in just moments through our 24/7 medical line.

House Calls

When something happens – many times it is better to stay where you are. We come to you!


You don’t need to make an appointment and wait in a waiting room every time you need a refill.

SMB Focused

We were created to serve small to midsize businesses. We want you to save money and to be efficient. 

Your Solution to the Healthcare Crisis

Nearly 80% of all medical issues can be addressed over the phone. Whether that is a call, text messages, or a video call. Because we are simplifying the treatment process and have the flexibility to come to you when you need us – our operations stay lean. Your costs are not inflated by extravagant facilities, numberless departments, and insurance specifications. HealthCARE, can be simple and it is with Alive & Well.

Your Medical Leadership Team

Our experiences have led us to create a solution to the frustrations we all see in the current healthcare industry.

J.R. Martin MS, MMS, PA-C, Founder

J.R. received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master’s in Health Promotion from Brigham Young University. He then created Alive & Well as a corporate wellness provider in 1995, serving large companies such as NuSkin and U.S. Synthetic. His passion for learning and health inspired him to obtain a second Master’s Degree in Medical Science and certification as a Physician Assistant from Midwestern University. As a PA-C, he worked in rural communities, pediatrics, orthopedic surgery, and 9 years in emergency medicine. His experiences led him to create a solution to the frustrations he saw in the current healthcare industry.

Tracy Martin

Tracy serves on the board of directors for Alive & Well, focusing on branding and member  experience. She has shared a passion for innovative healthCARE and corporate wellness since the creation of Alive & Well in 1995. Tracy received her Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University in Food Science and Nutrition, Administrative Dietetics.

Alive & Well For Your Small Business

I’ve been a member of Alive and Well for years. J.R. has saved us from having to take expensive and time consuming trips to the ER by coming right to our home. He’s helped us with numerous prescriptions, stitches, and even a broken ankle. The Drs come by my office every week and check on the staff. They’ve provided care for them and their families as well. I can’t say enough good about Alive and Well’s exceptional team and service.

Dr. William Plumb

Plumb Dental

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