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Alive & Well is bringing back

Relationship-Focused HealthCARE

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The Solution to the Healthcare Crisis

From a Healthcare Provider


Alive & Well began as a gift of love from a healthcare provider to a friend. Today we serve small businesses with relationship-based medicine at the workplace and conveniently over the phone. We love helping your business and employees thrive and your team will love us too!


Traditional healthcare has become so complicated and $$$


We Eliminate the Overhead and Pass the Savings to You


Cut the Cost of Traditional Healthcare

Alive & Well can cut your health insurance cost in half while providing a superior benefit. Give us your info and we’ll come to you to discuss this in person.


Employers’ Success Stories

See how the latest on how our new approach to healthcare can save you and your business unbelievable amounts of money annually and get even better care for the families of your employees.





Complete Care

Services IDEAL for businesses with 5 or more employees and families. Receive all of the diverse and extensive care of Alive & Well Complete. Complete boasts the same relationship-based onsite care, telemedicine and mobile capabilities of Alive & Well with the addition of coverage for larger healthcare needs.




What Alive & Well Members Have to Say

"We love Alive and Well. Their response time is impressive and the ability to get quick solutions to medical needs is so valuable as a parent with four young kids. I would recommend their service to anyone!"

Brian S.

"Alive & Well has been a blessing to me and my family. I am so grateful to have a service that is affordable and people that care about my well being and are available to me when I am in need of healthcare."

Alyssa G.

"They’ve been to my house twice to put stitches in one of my kids! They provide the most convenient and quality care of any provider I’ve worked with. I recommend Alive and well to anyone."

Travis S.

Stories from Our Founder


House Calls

About this time last year I laid my head on my dad’s chest as he took his last breath. It was challenging for me. This incredible man was gone. My mind began to wonder… Where did he go? When will he be back? Dad was a unique breed of medical doctor. He was a board certified family physician and board . . .... read more

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