Become a member and get access to
our 24/7 medical helpline.

Skip The Waiting Room

Become an Alive & Well member and get the convenience of our 24/7 medical helpline. With today’s technology, the majority of healthcare needs can be handled over the phone or through an e-visit.

Need a House Call?

Individual and Family Plans also offer house calls.  Some issues may require a face-to-face visit, but may not be an emergency….a few stitches, bead in your kid’s nose, trigger point injections, etc.  In those cases where our medical providers feel it is appropriate, we can come to your home for an old fashioned “house call.”

Group Plans Available Too!

Alive & Well helps you keep your employees healthy and working.  We don’t bill insurance, so you can pay for your employees as a benefit or with a payroll deduction.  The larger the group, the smaller the initial fees will be.  Call us to find out what plan is the best fit for your group or business. 

Individual or Family

Group or Business

Check Out What Our Clients Have to Say!

  • I now know first hand that it was a no brainer, more money in my pocket is always better, and having the ability to control my money rather than always give it up is what I gain… for how hard I work I feel that I can take care of my family medically, not just pay someone else to.

    Scot Sweet
  • I love the fact that our company immediately began to save over 38% of our health related costs

    Dennis Leavitt
    Service Manager , L'Chef
  • When Alive & Well began serving U.S. Synthetic in 1998, my wife and I enjoyed their personalized coaching to help us exercise more and improve our health.  Their personalized touch was most motivating!

    Curtis Stucki
    CFO, U.S. Synthetic
  • How amazing to not have to haul all 4 kids to an Instacare, wait forever and maybe catch something else while we are there! They will do house calls or “mobile medicine” and they are just super cool. I really recommend them! This is the best thing ever.

    Katie Vrajich
  • Fantastic Service!! What a great affordable benefit.. Very convenient to use.. Top notch honest, caring owners.. Thanks Alive & Well

    Colleen & Mike Warren